Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Removing Recipes...

Hey Friends,

It's with a heavy heart that I am going to have to inform you that I am going to remove my lactation boosting recipes from my blog. It has recently come to my attention that cookies are being sold using my recipes. I usually would not mind, but no credit is being given to the original source. Maybe it's the middle school English teacher in me, but I was really bummed when I found out that no credit for the creations were being given to me. Maybe the irony is that I am currently teaching my middle school students about the art of researching and sourcing. I guess I know what my lesson will include tomorrow... a little first hand experience with the frustration of not being given credit for something that you lovingly made.

I got into the blogging scene as a way to record my recipes because I was incredibly forgetful. I love to bake, and I am constantly tweaking my recipes in order to make the best possible product. I got into the lactation cookie business after struggling with supply myself. I began to bake lactation goodies to help me keep up with my daughter's demands after I went back to work when she was 4 months old. I spent 1.5 years baking for free for all my friends, relatives, and random people I met when they were struggling with supply. I spent close to two years perfecting my recipes before selling them. I do this for the love of baking and my passion for helping nursing mothers. I do not make much money at all on my product. I make enough to take my sweet hubby on a few dates each month.

I greatly appreciate all the love given on this blog for my recipes and my lactation boosting treat recipes. The ones posted on this blog are not ones that I currently sell in my shop. I posted them with the hopes of helping other mamas struggling with supply that could not afford to pay for others to bake for them. I think of my baking for mamas as part of my vocation and ministry in life. I love more than anything to craft new cookie flavors for mamas. I love that my cookies and recipes bring such joy to others. I like to take a mama's favorite regular cookie flavor and turn it into a lactation treat. I love to come up with ideas for lactation goodies that aren't in the "norm" so that each mom feels like the treats are made just for her. That is how the Cheesecake Lactation Cookies came to be. That is how the Ginger Molasses got their start.

I find that it is so important in this digital age to remember to always identify your source. I know I don't have a copyright on my recipes. I know that I put them out here in the blogosphere, so I shouldn't be upset that they are being used. I really and truly do know this. I am really only upset that others are passing the recipes off as their own and not identifying my blog as the source.

I wish everyone happy baking and nursing on this beautiful spring day! I can't wait to go nurse our sweet baby girl after a long day at work. Nothing cures being bummed better than sweet, little squish snuggles and mommy milk smiles!