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Now offering: Smart  C(°)(°)kies

I am now offering Lactation Goodies for sale in the Greater Jacksonville Area. Cookies are made fresh to order from natural and organic ingredients. I like to use local small businesses as much as possible as well... I buy all my spices from the awesome guys at Green Man Gourmet in Avondale. I use real Ceylon cinnamon and delicious, and as Barefoot Contessa says, "really good vanilla extract."

Breastfeeding has been associated with higher IQ and significantly higher scores for cognitive development than formula feeding. If you are already breastfeeding, why not add a Smart C(°)(°)kie full of vitamins and nutrients to your diet? It's the smart choice for a continued boost for your baby's cognitive development :)

Right now I am offering:

  • Oatmeal Raisin 
    • Raisins add even more iron
  • Letdown Madness (Peanut butter, almond butter, white chocolate, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and carob chip)
  • Oatmeal Nut Butter (peanut or almond) Chip (white, milk, dark chocolate, or carob chip)
    •  Chocolate is known to lower stress... lowered stress= MORE MILK!
  • Ginger Molasses Oat  
    • Ginger boosts the immune system and is a natural calming agent
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What is a lactation cookie? Why would I want lactation cookies? Don't worry... dads and kids can eat them, too! Tell dad he does not have to worry about spontaneous leaking occurring after stealing one of mom's yummy cookies.  A lactation cookie is basically a sweet treat for mom that also encourages and promotes healthy milk production for baby. The cookies are packed with three main milk boosting ingredients: oats, brewer’s yeast, and flax seed meal. Also, cookies are comfort food, and breastfeeding moms NEED calories… anything that induces relaxation in mom will allow for a more natural let-down, and thus support more milk production. Breastfeeding moms need to consume between 1800-2200 calories a day to maintain an adequate milk supply. It is most important to listen to your body, as Kelly mom says. If you are hungry… eat, your baby may be going through a growth spurt, and you need the extra calories to keep up with their milk needs.  That’s where lactation cookies come into play… if you need the extra calories, why not eat a YUMMY cookie that is jam packed with wonderful nutrients for mama and baby? 

Benefits of Oats: Oats are a great source of dietary fiber. This fiber contains a mixture of about half soluble and half insoluble fibers. One component of the soluble fiber found in oats is beta-glucans, a soluble fiber which has proven effective in lowering blood cholesterol. Oats are also a great source of vitamins as well, such as thiamin, folic acid, biotin, pantothenic acid and vitamin E. They also contain zinc, selenium, copper, iron, manganese and magnesium. Oat beta glucan also appears to help speed up response to infection, which may result in faster healing (1). Oatmeal is also a wonderful iron source. Maternal anemia/low iron levels can result in a decreased milk supply, so eating something high in iron might increase milk supply in some women (2).

Benefits of Brewer’s Yeast: Notice a boost in supply after drinking a nice cold beer? Well for one, it could be because you were relaxed, but also the brewer’s yeast could be the rascal to thank.  Peaceful Parenting has a great description of the benefits of brewer’s yeast, “one of the best natural sources of B vitamins, which are essential to overall health of a nursing mom (and any woman). Even if milk supply were not impacted by brewer's yeast, the boost of energy (and increased sugar metabolism) that comes from brewer's yeast consumption is worth including it in lactation cookies (or other things you bake).(3)”

Benefits of Flax: Flax is packed with fiber and rich in Omega-3. Omega-3s are the essential fatty acids that are vital to a nursing mother’s diet. Remember when I said that nursing mothers NEED calories?? Moms need Omega-3 in their diets as well as babies. Omega-3 supports brain growth, development, and well being. Not only can the Omega-3 in flax increase milk supply, but they can also boost brain function, memory (HELLO BABY BRAIN), joint function (getting those hips back in order post-birth), and regulate postpartum hormones (say, “bye bye” to the “baby blues”) (3).

Notice a drop in your supply? Gone back to work and needing a little “pump me up” for extra pumping sessions? Hungry? Tired? Forgetful? PPD/PPA bringing you down? HAVE A C(°)(°)KIE, or two, or three… hell, eat the whole bag if needed!I know that when I was suffering from crippling PPA following the birth of my daughter via cesarean section in July of 2011, lactation cookies and my grandmother's recipe for homemade vegetable soup were ALL I would eat. The cookies just made me FEEL better, and it also helped to know that my daughter was reaping the benefits as well. 

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