Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Baking up a Storm

 January has been a whirlwind to say the least. I came up with a bight idea over Christmas break (probably because I had the down time to think and process my ideas without also having to simultaneously instill an education in 100 middle schoolers) that I should start selling my lactation cookies. I have made numerous dozens of cookies over the past year and 1/2 for myself and others, and decided that it would be win-win to make a little extra money doing something I love (baking) while also promoting a cause I am passionate about (breastfeeding)!

I spent the last few days of Christmas break formatting and designing my business website, perfecting some of my recipes, and ordering pastry boxes and labels. I launched the Smart Cookies site and only a few days later I had my very first customer. I was proud of myself for making this dream of owning my personal "bakery" business a reality, but I was also anxious. Would she like the cookies? Would they help her to increase supply? Would she think I was a charlatan? I knew the cookies had given me the boost I needed when I returned to work and suffered with low supply. I knew they had helped countless friends establish adequate supply post birth. I knew they were yummy. I had just never SOLD any cookies before. I waited a day or two and was slightly discouraged because I was afraid the cookies had not worked for her. I went to school on a Friday and had a tough day with apathetic students unwilling to put the effort into achieving their own personal success and came home feeling defeated. I logged onto my facebook and was bombarded with messages and notifications. THE COOKIES WORKED.

GF & DF Smart Cookies
The woman who ordered my very first official Smart Cookies batch had success. She posted about my cookies in many different support groups and moms circles. It made my heart happy to hear that I was able to help her. I found a renewed confidence in myself, and I was ready to hit the kitchen hard in order to bring this success to other local moms.

Business is booming- in ways I never expected. People that I have helped by making cookies for in the past have started creeping out from the woodwork and promoting my business. I never expected this much support, and I feel blessed to be able to share my knowledge and product with other women.So far I have sold enough cookies to cover the cost of all my ingredients, packaging materials, and business cards with plenty to spare! I have made vegan cookies (a first for me) as well as dairy free-gluten free cookies (also a first).
Fan Fav: Letdown Madness

So, my blog does not have very many updates for January 2013, but my Kitchen Aid stand mixer has seen her fair share of baking in the past few months. Proficiency, I have found, is key. Next weekend I will have a baker's organizational day where I will measure out all my dry ingredients and bag them up by the dozen so I can quickly whip up a batch when one is ordered.

I love the feeling of personal success I have found in baking. It brings joy to my life- that is multiplied with each new batch of cookies fresh from the oven.

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