Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Baker's Wishlist

I have been blessed to have quite a stocked kitchen full of cooking and baking necessities (most of which were amazing wedding gifts and shower gifts), but there's still a few items that I WANT. Need, well no not really, but desire all the same. 

I have never been one to want for much. I buy what I need and am satisfied. I don't like clutter, and material possessions always end up piling up and creating more clutter. I have become baking obsessed here in the past few years, so I find that anytime a birthday or holiday is coming around I always ask for a random kitchen accessory. What did I ask my Husband to get me for Mother's Day? A food scale for making macarons :)

Here's my updated baker's wishlist: 

  1. I'll start with more prep space, but that's really not an option when considering the square footage of our home. Would I be happy with a kitchen that takes up half of the square footage? Yes, but would I be able to one day resell this home to someone else who is as baking obsessed as me? Most likely the answer is no.  
  2.  More kitchen aid mixing bowls. Glass, stainless, with handles and without, with lids. Oh man!   
  3. A fun color stand mixer. I have white, which is classic and beautiful, but I would love something random, flashy, and different as well. My older sister just bought a beautiful black one that sparkles... SPARKLES!  
  4. A copper bowl for making meringues and French Macarons. I had NO idea just how expensive they were until the other day!  
  5. Cookie cutters for all occasions. Currently I have letters of the alphabet, star, sun, and circles.
  6. Medium and small cookie and batter scoops. 
  7. More 9 inch round pans 
  8. A pie plate-- one thing I have yet to attempt 
  9. Pastry tips for icing cakes  
  10. Large angled spatula for icing cakes 
  11. All different types of fun decorative accents and sprinkles for cupcakes. 
  12. One more muffin pan-- would make Doodle Bug's meal preps so much easier.   
  13. New cookie sheets-- mine are so old, and have been used so often that they are not "dark," they are BLACK!
  14. My own store front... I mean... a girl can DREAM, can't she?
  15. And last, but certainly not least... an apron that isn't decorated for Christmas. Let's just say it's Christmas all year round when I'm in the kitchen.

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