Sunday, September 9, 2012

A recipe has been selected

After scouring Pinterest and various other websites for the past few days, I have finally selected the recipe I will attempt for my sugar cookie base.  

The husband, Doodle Bug (our 14 month old daughter), and I went to my parents' house today to hang out and celebrate "Grandparents Day."

-- we also did not know that this was an actual holiday until earlier this week. That is if you call Hallmark created holidays "real" holidays. Considering I was raised by a mother who once owned a Hallmark store, and Grandparents who owned 3, I figured we better get over there quick to celebrate. 

While at my parents' house my mom shared some of her favorite recipes from home. She grew up in Courtland, VA-- a small town with only a flashing yellow light. The women who surrounded my mother growing up were quite the cooks and bakers. They made everything from scratch, and didn't bat an eye at a difficult recipe. One of them was Edith Simmons, an amazing woman and close family friend who passed away in October of last year. 

The recipe I am going to use is a combination of Edith Simmons' Grandma's Tea Cookies, and my love of baking with lemon juice and zest. 

The butter is out on the kitchen counter coming to room temperature as I type this.

I went to my parents' house with just a Grandparents Day card, and left with recipes, my great grandmother's rolling pin, cookie tins, and amazing mementos from my childhood.

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