Friday, September 21, 2012

Bakery Club

The first few months, being a homeroom teacher to a 6th grade class is more about being their "mother" than their teacher. They are overwhelmed by the homework, the number of teachers and each teacher's particular teaching style, locker changes, folders, schedules, planner, etc. They have never had lockers before, and organization... psh, they have no idea what that word means!

Kids like sweet and yummy homemade treats, so this year I decided to start a Bakery Club in my homeroom class.  Every few weeks I check their planners to make sure they have all their assignments, projects, tests, and quizzes written down for the week, and if they do.... they get to decide which treat they would like for me to make. 

Last Bakery Club (2 weeks ago) I made
The Tender Crumb's Chocolate Chip Cookies. The kids thought they were pretty good (they liked the amount of chocolate), but they thought they were a bit tough. That's the best part about teacher 11 year old kids- they are BLATANTLY honest. Great group to test out new recipes on! 

This time 11 out of the 24 kids in school today were able to achieve Bakery Club status. One student is lactose intolerant (and also many other allergies), so I had him tell me one of his favorite snacks that I can get from the store. The other 10 students were in a deadlock on choice of sweet. Five students wanted brownies, and five students wanted more chocolate chip cookies (but chewier)! 

So, being the tie-breaker, I chose
Brown Eyed Baker's Better than Brownies Chocolate Chip Cookies. Hopefully they will turn out well for the kids! I'll keep you posted...

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